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Write You A Tragedy

AU roleplay with an original timeline that is inspired by existing comic and film canon. Join other writers who are passionate about your favorite Marvel characters!

Rank Site In Out
1 Heroes Reborn
51 46

A post-Homecoming MCU AU site which also allows adapted comic canons and OCs.
2 With Great Powers
46 30

3 Marvel: Ascension
41 34

Marvel: Ascension is a no word count roleplaying community inspired by the comics and MCU but a fresh start separate from both. There will be multiple storylines to partcipate in!
4 X-Men Inception
15 24

Mutants: A myth told by those who believe in urban legends. The world of mutants is in its infancy. Whose side will you take? X-Men. Brotherhood. Hellfire Club. This is your beginning.
5 ideal world
12 20

an alternate universe marvel + dc site hosted on jcink premium since december 2016. set following captain america: the winter soldier, justice league, and a modernized x-men: age of apocalypse.
6 Write You A Tragedy
11 16

AU roleplay with an original timeline that is inspired by existing comic and film canon. Join other writers who are passionate about your favorite Marvel characters!
7 Exalted Kingdoms
7 5

An X-Men RPG set in a time with medieval kingdoms, fantastical creatures, and a struggle for ultimate dominance, humans co-exist with elves, dwarves, and fairies.
8 Life After Midnight
5 9

Thanos had come and with him the Eleventh Hour. The world's mightiest heroes fought valiantly to fend him off, in the process, many have fallen. In the end it was a last ditch effort from an unlikely
9 Infinity Rising
4 3

A Marvel-616 Inspired AU RPG that welcomes canons and originals to help us create and drive the story. Established in 2013, Infinity Rising is your place to relive and recreate classic 616 tales.
10 X-Men: Divided We Fall
3 2

A player and character driven AU X-Men RP. We lay the groundwork, YOU tell the story! No word count! Canons and OCs accepted!
11 Believe in Heroes
2 6
Takes place one year after the World Security Council passed and ratified the Superhuman Registration Act. Heroes and Mutants reunite to fight or evil will rule supreme! Canons & Originals welcome!
12 JLUnited [AU DC & Marvel RP]
2 1
JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe RP. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline within
13 The Shattered Gems
1 6
AU Marvel/DC. Unlimited possibilities. No banned characters.

The Endless have changed the end but now the Gems are shattering. Has a new end begun?
14 Dead, Damaged or Intact
1 2
An AU X-Men/Marvel RPG
15 Destiny's Dawn
1 2
16 X-Men: Revolution
1 7
X-Men Revolution is an alternate universe X-Men with some wider aspects of the wider Marvel universe board, we run rich, character-driven plots that keep the board moving forwards. Accepting of both c
17 Killsignal
0 2
Welcome to the Marvel Dystopia. The year is 2023 & HYDRA rules in secret. Anyone with abilities are sent to District X, where a whole new world of struggle waits for you.
18 In Humanity's Shadow
0 1
IHS is a AU Marvel RP with endless potential for both Marvel canons and original characters!
19 X-Generation
0 2
There are very few things that are a certainty in this world. One of them is that things change. X-Generation is loosely based on the first three original X-Men films with comic aspects taking into co
20 Mutant Revolution Online
0 4
21 Marvel The Next Generation
0 6
The Marvel Roleplay is set in 2027, ten years into the future, super heroes and villains have come and gone but the fight of good and evil has remained. We are an open sand box rp.
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