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Mutant Revolution Online

Rank Site In Out
1 Heroes Reborn
62 23

A premium, 18+ AU MCU & X-Men site blending Earth-199999 with Earth-616 and original content.
2 In eXtremis
28 32

Premium 18+ AU X-Men site that allows canon from all sources - films, comics, animation, video games - mixed and matched to your taste. Join the evolution.
23 8

"Someone once told me that with great power comes great responsibility. That's usually thought of as a simple injunction to do the right thing. But there's nothing simple about it."
16 26

Infinity War 2.0 - Six months after Infinity War, Thanos seeks to reclaim the daughter he lost and do it all over again.
5 Devil You Know
13 20

We are an 18+ AU DC/Marvel crossover community. What happens when Thanos and Darkseid team up? Come find out!
6 ideal world
7 6

an alternate universe marvel + dc site hosted on jcink premium since december 2016. set following captain america: the winter soldier, justice league, and a modernized x-men: age of apocalypse.
7 Write You A Tragedy
3 9

AU roleplay with an original timeline that is inspired by existing comic and film canon. Join other writers who are passionate about your favorite Marvel characters!
3 5

a semi-public soulmated marvel + dc site set in a combined world state following captain america: the winter soldier and with a relationship-building focus.
9 infinite dreams
2 8

Infinite Dreams is a moderate to intermediate, mature role-playing site that picks up from where Captain America: Civil War left off and into a future where the Infinity Stones shall come in play.
10 The Xavier Institute [Jcink]
1 2

THE XAVIER INSTITUTE was founded in 2006, and moved to Jcink summer of 2018. Present-day RP, based heavily on initial X-Men Trilogy.
11 Radioactive
1 0
Radioactive is the Marve/Dc crossover taking place on Earth 313. We are player focused!
12 History Has It's Eyes On You
0 1
History Has Its Eyes On You is multi-but-separate universes roleplay featuring the collected properties of the Marvel and DC cinematic universes. This means that while both these universes are playabl
13 Marvelous
0 4
We are a Marvel Cinematic Universe site, based a month prior to the events of Infinity War. Building our own events and steering off into our own timeline.
14 Uncanny Evolution
0 2
An alternate universe X-Men/Marvel forum with its own original plot, no word count, allows adaptations of canons. OC's very welcome.
15 Legacy
0 4
A Comic-based, Canon-divergent Marvel 18+ RP. Play as a canon or your oc~
0 3
a character-driven canon-focused marvel site based after captain america: the winter soldier. no word count, intermediate site hosted on jcink premium
17 Infinite Evolution: Omnia Mutantur
0 0
An alt future X-Men: Evolution rpg.
Canon and original characters welcome.
18 Centuries
0 2
It has been 2 years since Civil War, and the Superhuman Registration Act has been enacted. But there is something bigger coming to Earth. Are you ready?
19 Right Place, Wrong Time
0 1
In a Snap...time was broken. Now Thanos may be the least of the universe's problems. Post-Snap MCU AU with endless possibilities and where death is never final.
20 X-Men: Revolution
0 4
X-Men Revolution is an alternate universe X-Men with some wider aspects of the wider Marvel universe board, we run rich, character-driven plots that keep the board moving forwards. Accepting of both c
21 Marvel: Ascension
0 3
Marvel: Ascension is a no word count roleplaying community inspired by the comics and MCU but a fresh start separate from both. There will be multiple storylines to partcipate in!
22 Dead, Damaged or Intact
0 3
An AU X-Men/Marvel RPG
23 MarvelAU-RP
0 3
MarvelAU-RP is a Marvel Cinematic/Fox Cinematic based roleplay forum that incorporates these two movie timelines into one story! We're more flexible than most other boards and encourage players to b
24 Life After Midnight
0 0
Thanos had come and with him the Eleventh Hour. The world's mightiest heroes fought valiantly to fend him off, in the process, many have fallen. In the end it was a last ditch effort from an unlikely
25 Marvel Chronicles
0 3
Marvel MCU/AU, original character friendly, Jcink Premium, 18+ community.

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